All of our products are on even bigger sales in order to help everyone.  The prices do not include the transportation.  The customer, now, has the opportunity to pick up every product from our warehouses in Tseri Industrial Area in Nicosia resulting in saving money or to contact our third-party contractor whom due to our big volume of work we have aggreed to charge the lower prices possible.

With the transportation, the assembly is included in your space in all the products that need to me assembled.  The delivery is all over Cyprus in sort amount of time.  The charge of the delivery will be calculated according on your location in which the products will be delivered from the third-party contractor.  You must inform the transportation company about all the specifications of your building such as the floor of your appartment and any other difficulties they might find (small elevator, narrow stairs etc.).

The assembly of the products in your space is free if the access is clear.  In any other case and if you are not willing to pay for a forklift, the products will be delivered at the entrance of your building of the given address.